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IUCHI Scholarship

IUCHI Foundation

👀 Applications for IUCHI Foundation Scholarships in Japan can be applied now !! 👀

“Five” scholarships are available for 2019-2020 💥 and

they are Master and PhD scholarships🎓🤗

The Universities that you can attend are 🤔
1.The University of Tokyo🙆‍♀️
2.Kyoto University🤩
3.Okayama University🤗
4.Waseda University👀
5.Kawnsei Gakuin University🤓
So, I hope you’ll enjoy it:3😉

Appilication opening – ongoing
Appilication Deadline – 20 June,2020 / 20 December, 2020

You can go to IUCHI Foundation Yangon Office.

C/O Mya Japanese Language School

Address – Rooom no 15, Building no 290, Yan Aung Street 3, Yankin Township, Yangon (Near Yankin Center)

Phone no : 09263686652, 09263686651, 09785156582

You can also learn details about IUCHI below.😊👇

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